Instagram Hype & Hate


 I hear a lot of positive and negative about the ever so popular Instragram, and I wanted to give you my unsolicited two cents on the matter.

A camera is a camera.  Instagram is not cheapening the photography world.

People say hipsters use instagram to make them feel like talented photographers, and it allows people “to take a perfectly good photograph and ruin it by adding some awful, unnecessary digital “filter” to it” but these quotes are obviously coming from someone who isn’t a good photographer, or at least can’t make a good image.

The first photo taken on Instagram

What makes a good photograph anyway? To me, a professional of 10 years, a good photograph is good composition, good lighting, and good subject matter. It’s about what, where and when. It can be digital image photoshopped to hell, or a black and white polaroid. It could be a photo of your dog, or a photo of Justin Beiber, either way – it doesn’t matter the platform it’s taken, it matters if the photo evokes emotion of any kind. I say it time and time again, especially when on a gig and someone tells me “You have a really nice camera” – it’s not about the box, it’s the person behind the box.

So, as the saying goes, haters gonna hate, but I have nothing against the popularity of Instagram, or the photos that come out of it. I’ve seen AMAZING photos on Instagram, filtered or not. I’ve also seen HORRIBLE photos on the popular photo sharing site. Either way, I’ll keep using it. I use the site as a creative outlet, photographing sunsets, or my children, or other things I don’t always get to photograph professionally. I also plan on creating a book at the end of the year of all my instagram favorites. I haven’t gotten less work because of the app, and I’ve learned a lot by looking at other professional photographers on it. I don’t care if 500 million people use it and then say “hey, i’m a photographer” because at the end of the day, I’m a real professional photographer and my clients and I both know that.


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Cheers! Happy shooting!